Hey Buddy!

Hey You…Yes You Want To Know Something?

Its Amazing…I HAVE FRIENDS…How Kool Is That?

Here Are Some Of Them And Why I Like Them


She Is The Most Random Person I Know.But Dont Mess With A Girl With A Hand…BA-HA

But I LOVE Her Like A Monkey Loves Bananas

Everyone Just Has To…STOP AND STARE…I Think Im Moving But I Go Nowhere


Even Though She Moved To Florida I Still Will Always Be Her Friend

She Is One Of My Best Friends…Yes We Fight But All Friends Do

She Loves To Hang Out And Have Fun


She Fun And Funny Like When You See A Dog Chasing Its Tail

She Like To Draw And Talk About Very Odd Things!


2 responses

10 05 2008

Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hand thing! haha! WOOO. I crack myself up…. 😀


28 05 2008

Hayley or should i say bon bon! that hand thing waz fuuunnnnie so r u ok?
Well u have me exactly right on there you me and taylor always talk about random things! Well come to think of it i alwys say random thing s so it is normal for me! talk to you later.
Call me very very very very very very soon (824-1548)
LOve Ya LOts!

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